Loss Prevention Programs


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Loss Prevention Programs


InterTech Group, Inc., can design and implement effective state-of-the-art loss prevention programs, which will protect our client's profit margins from both internal and external losses.

Through a combination of policy and procedure recommendations coupled with effective employee education, we can decrease the amount of loss experienced by our clients in their day to day operations.

InterTech Group's loss prevention specialists will design and implement controls which will include at a minimum the following:

Physical Measures

  • Reduce asset accessibility
  • Identify high value assets
  • Reduce target value concentration
  • Flowchart all inbound and outbound property movements and recognize vulnerabilities in the process

Procedural Measures

  • Establish central loss reporting
  • Identify high loss risk items
  • Maintain accountability
  • Test the system
  • Assure that procedures leave an "audit trail"
  • Sample or check before and after key control points
  • Develop insightful reports and information from sales force and field representatives

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